Cover Design by Despina Loupeti.

Cover Design by Despina Loupeti.

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A dutiful son to his single mother, Manny Stockton has spent the last twenty years harboring a grudge against his absentee father, Isidore. But after Isidore’s sudden passing, an obligatory homecoming to Devil’s Dyke reveals the truth behind their estrangement.

Manny’s father was not the man he thought he was. In fact, Isidore was no man at all. He was a Disciple, a divine being created from the blood of the Supreme Sire—what we, the Living, would call a vampire. Manny also learns Disciples like Isidore do not simply die. They must be slain.

With the help of Lucy, Manny’s childhood sweetheart, and a slew of suspicious relatives, Manny hunts down his father’s killer. But he soon discovers there is more behind Isidore’s mysterious death than mere hatred or vengeance. There is also faith; and hope; and love.

But will there be forgiveness?

The perfect marriage of sacred and sacrilege, The Afterliving will leave readers mesmerized as it dares to crucify and resurrect the world of vampire "fiction."

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